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Phoenix Home Loan Rates Prime for Buyers

Second only to location, timing is pivotal to the decision to purchase real estate. Phoenix is a great location for investment and recent mortgage rate trends indicate that now is a great time to buy.

An Oasis in the Desert

Arizona is an arid state offering warm weather and sunshine most of the year, making it a great place to live, retire, or vacation. In addition to its enjoyable climate, the Phoenix area boasts its own desirable traits, particularly for professionals looking to buy homes. Phoenix and the surrounding areas have been listed in Forbes top 50 best places for business and careers with a low unemployment rate and job rates predicted to grow in the coming years. The Phoenix market is a growing and stable investment market, with a great tourist industry, a large military presence due to local Air Force installations, and a burgeoning tech industry as well as colleges. Home buyers in Phoenix pay an average of $184, 600 for a home, which falls below the national average.


Home Loan Rates are Trending in the Right Direction

According to Bankrate.com, mortgage rates in Phoenix have dropped this week to 3.46% down from 3.58% and falling below the national average. This news means that it is a great time for buyers to obtain a home loan at a lowered rate with a local Phoenix home loan officer. Not only are rates low, but data obtained from Zillow, a leading real estate database company shows that home values nationwide have risen 5.4% over the last five years and are projected to continue at a rate of 2.9% in the coming year. Prices have risen steadily in Phoenix, specifically, showing an average sale price of 206k between April and July of this year. The combination of low home loan rates and rising property values make this the prime time for those looking to enter into the housing market with the help of an experienced Phoenix home loan officer.

Finding a Phoenix Home Loan Officer

Mortgage rates are dropping across the board, allowing loan officers to offer more desirable loans to potential home buyers. Although buyers are often more familiar with the term ‘mortgage broker’, in order to take the best advantage of the situation I Phoenix, loan officers are a more savvy route. A loan officer works directly for the lending institution meaning that they are an expert in their company’s offerings and can help you obtain a loan that is tailored to your situation without the high commission cost associated with brokers.

Now that you understand the benefits of investing in Phoenix properties now, you can begin your search for a loan officer to help you achieve your real estate dreams.

Now that you understand the market, it’s now time to start your search for loan officer to help you get qualified for a mortgage.

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Arizona Cardinals Have 7 Players In The 2016 Pro Bowl

arizona cardinals 2016 pro bowl

The best players in the NFL will come together on January 31, 2016 for the Pro Bowl. The roster this year includes 7 players from the Arizona Cardinals.

Your 2016 Pro Bowl Selectees are:

carCarson Palmer, QB, 3rd Pro Bowl selection: This year he set a personal record for passing yards thrown.[clear]

larryLarry Fitzgerald, WR, 9th Pro Bowl selection: He has over 1,000 career receptions and caught 3 touchdowns in a regular season game for the first time this year.[clear]

patPatrick Peterson, CB, 5th Pro Bowl selection: Peterson has consistently removed the top wide receiver as a threat and has the second-lowest completion percentage against him.[clear]

calCalais Campbell, DT, 2nd Pro Bowl selection: His numbers have been lower this season but he is still a force to be reckoned with.[clear]

tyTyrann Mathieu, S, 1st Pro Bowl selection: 5 interceptions have been nabbed by this man and he was one of three players in the NFL with at least 80 tackles and five interceptions.[clear]

mikeMike Iupati, G, 4th Pro Bowl selection: He has allowed only two sacks, five quarterback hits and eight quarterback hurries.[clear]

justin bethelJustin Bethel, ST, 3rd Pro Bowl selection: Opponents regularly double or triple team him on special teams plays.[clear]

You can check out the full roster for the 2016 Pro Bowl at NFL.com. [clear]