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Home Loans For Doctors in Phoenix Arizona

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Doctors looking to capitalize on Phoenix’s booming healthcare industry can take advantage of specialized loans.

Healthcare Professionals Flock to Phoenix

Phoenix has a lot of offer to a variety of home-buyers, but with a healthcare and biosciences industry expected to grow 31.9% over the next decade, it is a particularly appealing region for doctors and other healthcare professionals. Most physicians begin their careers under a massive pile of student loan debt, which, under normal circumstances, would make obtaining a home loan impossible. However, lenders realize that medical professionals, although initially saddled by debts, disproportionate to other career paths, go on to immensely lucrative careers which provide them with adequate income to repay that debt and afford housing. In addition, these doctors often find themselves in need of housing in order to begin their careers at the practices and hospitals which offer them employment, but before they have the paystubs to provide to officers for traditional loans. In response to this need, and with a desire to issue loans to well-qualified buyers, many lenders offer special financing options to doctors so that they can get settled into homes and begin their careers.

The Basics

Major lenders, such as SunTrust, Fifth-Third Bank, and Bank of America, offer loans specially designed to assist medical professionals, doctors, and other professionals in lucrative industries to obtain housing without meeting standard loan requirements. These loans apply to those who are recently graduated, in residency, or actively practicing medicine. So called “Doctor Loans” offer low-interest rates on loans up to $3 million with little or no down payment. Although excellent credit scores are required, the debt ratio for borrowers is calculated to exclude student loans and takes into account future income rather than past or current earnings.

Obtaining a Doctor Loan in Phoenix

Although “Doctor Loans” are offered across most major institutions, they are subject to the individual lenders terms and programs can vary depending on the market in which the doctor is looking to buy as well as their individual financial standing and outlook. Because these loans are tailored to a specific profession, those looking to obtain a “Doctor Loan” need to contact the institutions directly for program information as well as to apply. With the healthcare and bio-sciences outlook in Phoenix stronger than anywhere else in the nation, doctors looking to establish a successful career need look no further than Phoenix with its beautiful climate, strong housing market, and preponderance of tailored loans available to medical professionals.

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A moment to catch my breath | Where the real progress is made

A moment to catch my breah

The crazy thing is that sometimes taking a step back and leaving the chaos of a normal day in the mortgage business is what can help you get to the next level. I am in constant pursuit of becoming the best loan officer in Phoenix however getting caught up in the day to day hustle can make it tough to fit in that “on time” in which you work on designing systems that are imperative for getting you to the next level.

For some who do not know the mortgage business well, it may seem to be an easy job where you just show up, sit at a desk in front of the computer and answer calls to take loan applications…. but I can assure you that it goes much much deeper.

Although I am not one of those veteran loan officers that have been in the business for 30 years, I can’t even believe 8 years have flown by since taking my first loan application. Throughout my career I have pushed to become a better loan officer, and in response to these improvements or changes that I have made more and more people get referred over to me… I mean literally the better we get the more our phone rings. Great news right? No complaints from me I promise you… It truly is rewarding to see the hard work pay off, but thats when the bottleneck occurs.

The #struggleisreal and you experience growing pains, and I am realizing that I will always have the question in mind “how do you serve all clients that call you more efficiently?” And not to say we are inefficient, we are VERY EFFICIENT or we wouldn’t be at the level we are, but there is ALWAYS room for improvement and you must never get complacent. I guess I could be selective and only choose to work with a few people and fire the rest as this works great for many other Arizona Loan Officers, however that is not me. I want to help everyone achieve their goals, whether that be a debt consolidation cash out refinance, a buyer purchasing their first home or an investor purchasing their 10th home, I enjoy the diversity and it keeps me on my toes.

But back to identifying a solution to these growing pains, to get there you must scale, and it’s a term that I just learned  few weeks ago. It refers to not just “growing” where people can lose site of what made them great in the first place because they get too big, it has to do with building a bigger business but also continuing to maintain what made you great in the first place.

You must grow a team of capable individuals to help you serve your growing clientele base and that is where another problem lies…. There is not just one way to do this, there is no one size fits all here. I mean, I have been mentored by some of the most successful loan officers in the business, I have even had lunch with the number one loan officer in the country a couple times and every time I walk away with great knowledge but it isn’t something that you can just write down snap your fingers and BOOM it has been implemented and solves all your problems. It truly does take time to ponder and decide which pieces of information you hear are good to implement for you and your clients.

Amidst the chaos you grind and make sure that everyone is taking care of throughout the day but no real progress gets made on how to improve your systems until you leave it all behind and disconnect. I am sitting here at the dinning room table of this little condo in Oahu catching my breath and working on systems. By disconnecting I am able to piece together what I have learned from all of the successful business people and focus on the growth, no distractions..

It’s at times like this there is no pressure of the daily grind and your mental clarity can help you visualize the solution, this is where the real progress is made. 


-Mr. Electric Himself


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