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5 Tips To Keep Your Phoenix Home Safe This Holiday Season

phoenix home safety holidays

Between shopping, Christmas parties, and traveling you are probably out of the house more than usual during the Christmas and New Years season and nothing will ruin your holiday cheer faster than a home burglary. It’s important to make sure your home is safe and secure, so here are a few tips to help you do that.

  1. Keep your travel plans offline – If you are planning on traveling this holiday season, make sure to keep your plans off social media networks. Never post where you’re going, or your departure and return dates. This is prime information for thieves to know your house is empty.
  2. Notify a neighbor – If you will be out of town, let a trusted neighbor know. Ask the neighbor to keep an eye on your house and report any suspicious activity. You’ll also want them to pick up your newspaper or check your mail so it looks like someone is home. Mail piling up is a dead giveaway that no one is home.
  3. Make it look like someone is home – keep your blinds and curtains closed when you’re not home and set your lights on a timer or a solar switch. This can help ward off any would-be intruders.
  4. Hide your valuables – Valuables out in the open are an invitation for burglars. Try to keep laptops, tablets and other small electronics away from windows or other places with a view.
  5. Watch your Christmas lights – According to the U.S. Fire Administration, December is the deadliest month for electrical fires. Before you string lights on the house or the tree, be sure to inspect the strands to make sure there aren’t any frayed cords or cracked lamps. Replace any broken lamps and throw away strands with frayed cords. This will help prevent any accidental fires. Also, be sure to turn any holiday lights off when you go out for the evening or when you go to bed. Try using an outdoor timer to switch lights on and off.

The holidays can be the most wonderful time of the year, as long as you stay safe during them. Be sure to take the precautions you need in order to fully enjoy the season.


10 Cool Places With Free WiFi in Phoenix

places in phoenix with free wifi

Maintenance crew working overtime repairing your in home wifi?

Fear not!

Hot spots for free wireless internet access are scattered throughout the Phoenix area and most are equipped with food, drinks, comfortable seating and are located in prime areas suitable for meetings and errands should you need to pack up and quickly move on.

Don’t pay for two or three hours of service when you can browse the web, conduct research and check up on your emails for free as long as you want.

We have listed some of the best spots in Phoenix for you to access wireless at absolutely no cost!

Phoenix Coffee Shops With Free Wifi

A T Oasis Coffee & Tea Shop

4613 E Thomas Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85018

Clean, tastefully decorated and open to drop-ins to use free wifi are just some of the perks at A T Oasis Coffee & Tea Shop. Aisha, the owner, is notorious for making some of the best baked treats, pastries and traditional Ethiopian food. If you decide to drop in and spend some time using the wifi and eating scrumptious treats don’t forget to wash your food down with the unique offerings of ginger coffee. It is not only highly reviewed but intensely sought after for the fresh coffee beans imported directly from Ethiopia.

Elevate Coffee Co

2530 W. Happy Valley Road, Phoenix, AZ, 85085

Elevate Coffee Co is located in North Phoenix directly inside the Norterra Plaza. Elevate Coffee is more than just your average coffee shop offering traditional and uniquely put together crepes, a wide assortment of teas and lunch items for customers. Cruise in to use the wifi or call ahead and reserve a room especially for multiple customers meeting up to discuss work or school. Aside from the meeting room there is plenty of space including individual and open concept tables for those looking to work from the shop.

Free wifi at Black Cat Coffee HouseBlack Cat Coffee House

4730 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix, AZ, 85018

Famous iced chai, specialty teas, killer espresso, smoothies with protein and vitamin additions, a masterfully crafted drip and sought after Tammie Coe baked goods await you at the Black Cat Coffee House in Phoenix. This popular spot for working remotely is staffed with baristas who are considerate, efficient and offer excellent customer service. If your plan is to stay all day long you will be happy with their extended food menu that is unique and diverse.

True Brew Coffee

1606 East Bell Road, Phoenix, AZ, 85022

Open early (6 a.m) and closing later in the afternoon, True Brew Coffee is a great spot for those looking to access free wifi. There are multiple venues for sitting and customers can choose from high bar stools if individual tasks are required for the day or enjoy one of the many roomy chairs and couches with outlets located nearby. Uniquely Phoenix, True Brew Coffee gives customers the option to work, study and relax and take breaks by browsing local artisan work from the art hung on their walls to the jewelry and pottery located throughout the café. Try the raved frozen latte for a unique spin on a traditional drink.


Located throughout Phoenix

Of course Starbucks offers free wifi, why wouldn’t they? Locations throughout Phoenix welcome short visits and long stretches of customers who have purchased coffee, tea or a pastry to use and access their wifi service free of charge. Sit at a table with one or more of your colleagues or relax on an oversized sofa or chair to maximize your experience. Aside from the major perk of a location of your choosing at every corner, we think Starbucks is one of the greatest spots to study or work because of the outlet availability. Plug in, sit back and enjoy the smell of coffee while you work and browse.

Phoenix Breweries and Restaurants with Free WiFi

32 Shea

10626 N. 32nd St., 85028

32 Shea offers customers reasonably priced breakfast and lunch while expanding with an assortment of teas and unique coffee choices fit for all tastes. This location is hailed for the comfort of the outdoor patio, tranquil landscape and water features meant to soothe and quiet busy minds. Free wifi is a perk while you munch on a sandwich, wrap or breakfast treat.

Cartel Coffee Lab

Phoenix Sky Harbor airport

If you find yourself traveling and in need of a good espresso hit up Cartel Coffee Lab near gate C12 for amazing espresso. Travelers from across the nation rave about this small spot amidst the busy airport and it always leaves customers coming back for more when they find themselves in the Phoenix airport.

Wildflower Bread Company

4290 E Indian School Rd Phoenix, AZ 85018

Serving breakfast, brunch and lunch, Wildflower Bread Company is raved about across the valley as a quick, delicious and convenient spot for work and play. Meet with multiple customers at long meeting tables or enjoy a cup of coffee, pancakes and fresh juice at a comfortable table for as long as you need. This place gets packed at lunch, so reserve a spot early!

Paradise Bakery

Located throughout Phoenix

Chippers anyone? Paradise Bakery is well known for their pastries, desserts and lunch items and have open concept seating as well as quiet corners for those looking to spend more than a few hours working or studying. The staff is always incredibly friendly and with the assortment of food items you won’t be disappointed.

Scramble: A Breakfast Joint

9832 N. 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ, 85020

Vegan options with bottomless coffee await customers looking for free wifi at Scramble. This joint located off 7th street in Phoenix has amazing reviews for their eclectic collection of food, coffee beverages and other items for those with specialized diets.